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Distance learning

If you are a national of one of the countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America or other and are planning to pursue higher education at European level, distance learning at our University will fit your needs perfectly. Students enrolled in distance learning programmes may transfer to on-site (face-to-face) studies at the University at any time, after making arrangements related to visas.

Study programmes

All the programmes of professional higher education offered by University are adapted for international students, competently developed and efficiently implemented. The subjects are delivered to foreign students in English or Russian, depending on the selected language of instruction. The graduates of the University receive a diploma of professional higher education which is recognized throughout the world. The diploma from our University is a testament to the truly quality education and profound knowledge of the graduate – an expert in his or her field.

International students

University is considered to be the friendliest university in Europe for foreign students, and we strive to maintain this reputation. After you complete the admission form, a staff member of the University’s Information Centre will contact you and give all the information about opportunities for getting education at the University, explain the procedure for obtaining a visa and a temporary residence permit and provide informational support on this and other issues.

Higher education at the international university. Full time and distance learning

Learn, for in the vicissitudes of life
only knowledge will always stay with you.
Abu Mo’in Nasir Khusraw

Our University college gladly accepts students from many different countries, such as countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and elsewhere. We provide comprehensive assistance in helping the students to adapt to life in Europe and we fully respect the national and cultural identity of foreign students who wish to pursue higher education in a European university.

Foreign students are provided with residence housing, visa support and any other assistance.

We sincerely welcome students from all over the world and treat them all equally. The main criteria are the students’ desire to learn and their dedication to this noble cause. All students at our university feel as one big family and everyone is entitled to rely on the support of the University college and other students.

Career test

If you are planning to pursue higher education and have not decided on a career choice yet, it is recommended to take a career guidance test. In the opinion of experts, a career test should be taken by everyone who is facing a choice of a study programme and wishes to obtain higher education. A very simple, yet quite accurate psychological test for career guidance will determine your focus and priorities, as well as the occupation which suits you the best.

Higher education at a modern university college. What criteria should a modern university college satisfy?

  • The highest level of knowledge;
  • Use of the latest scientific data and technology;
  • Efficient research activities;
  • Public awareness of the university around the world;
  • Active student life;
  • Availability of scholarships and budget-funded places;
  • A stimulating environment for generation of ideas and business relationships;
  • Modern classrooms and databases;
  • On-site (face-to-face) and distance learning;
  • Much more.

Higher education at University college – unlimited opportunities for foreign students:

  1. High quality and interesting programmes of professional higher education, developed by experts.
  2. An opportunity to study on a budgetary basis (funded by the European Training Foundation). In this case, students receive a scholarship in the amount of EUR 100 per month in all forms of studies and programmes. When submitting your application for admission, please specify that you want to be a candidate for a budget-funded place, and you will be offered to take the test!
  3. No entrance exams – you just submit your application for admission.
  4. Admission opportunities for nationals of European countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States. You will study side by side with foreigners, thereby learning not only the professional subjects, but also the mentality of people from other countries. Such knowledge will be valuable for work in international companies.
  5. Higher education in Russian or English.

A convenient form of getting higher education for international students. On-site and distance learning

  • full-time on-site (face-to-face) studies;
  • evening on-site (face-to-face) studies;
  • off-site (extramural) studies;
  • distance learning.

Distance learning at University college

The modern system of distance learning at University makes it possible to get a quality education regardless of the place of residence or employment. Video lectures, as well as all the information resources of the University College are available in the public domain. Students can study at the time best suitable for them, thereby combining learning with their professional work. Distance learning is the most convenient way of getting education for people of all countries.

Moodle, an intelligent control system for online learning, does not require any special computer skills. This system is used by all of the leading universities in the world. Examinations and tests may be taken in person or remotely (via webcam). Student attendance is mandatory only in the final qualifying examinations. If you choose distance learning, you can receive personal advice from academic staff members whenever convenient to you.

Higher education for Bachelor’s degree. Full time and distance learning

Bachelor’s degree

  • Legal Science;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Information Technology;
  • Public Relations;
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Prestigious and affordable higher education. Admission requirements to full time and distance learning programmes

Who can get admitted to on-site and distance learning programmes?

Admissions to University college are open for nationals of European countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States holding certificates of completed secondary education. Furthermore, our University college welcomes transfer students who have interrupted their studies at another institution of higher education for any reason.

How to enrol in full time and distance learning programmes?

We offer an extremely simple system of admission to on-site, off-site and distance learning programmes. Just fill in the application for admission on the website of University College. Applicants to distance learning programmes should send copies of secondary education certificates by post. Our experts will contact you and explain in detail the procedure of admission and answer all your questions (you do not need a visa if you want to enrol in a distance learning programme. The University College will provide visa support for applicants to on-site programmes, such as assistance in receiving visas, temporary residence permits for non-residents, etc.).

For information on tuition fees and other details, please use the contact form or call us at phone numbers listed in the Contacts section.

Choose a quality education to secure the quality of your future life.

University College: An Intellectual Environment for New Developments. Higher Education Through On-Site and Distance Learning.